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Raw Food Recipes - How Raw Foods Can Heal You If You're Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired!   by Helen Hecker

If you'd like to know how to stop feeling so tired or completely exhausted and stop being sick, I can let you in on a little secret. Your diet is probably what's causing a majority of your health problems. I should know! Diet changes, raw food and raw food recipes could be your answer too. Even as a nurse our nutrition education didn't show us how to heal ourselves with food.

Make a few simple diet changes and you can be rewarded with superior health. You can get rid of all of your ailments and conditions and medical complaints. I know because I got rid of all mine many years ago and enjoy perfect health.

It doesn't have to be extreme. You can start making a few dietary changes and you'll notice you start to feel better and better and better. You'll notice a fast weight loss, especially if you're eating a lot of raw foods.

Raw foods are the secret. Often called living foods, they come from plants. Grains are not a part of a raw food diet. Cooked food is refined, packaged, processed and cooked and is almost completely deficient in the nutrients you need every day to nourish your body and heal yourself of all your ailments from a suppressed immune system.

Raw foods are alkaline as opposed to cooked foods which are acidic and inflammatory. Eat a lot of cooked foods and you'll find yourself having more and more problems as the immune system complains that it needs help from you in curing yourself or healing yourself of many of your ailments if not all of them

When I converted to a raw food diet many years ago, I did so with the help of many raw food recipes that I developed. It made it a little more interesting. Besides eating fruits, uncooked veggies, nuts and seeds, I enjoy fixing easy raw food recipes. They include things like: almond milk, lemon torte, fudge, all fruit smoothies, green smoothies, pates, date-pecan balls, macadamia frosting, blueberry pie, dressings, sweet cabbage salad, guacamole, no-meat or vegan burgers, puddings, pesto, non-dairy cheese-type spreads, juices, carrot juice, non-dairy milkshakes, fruit salads and a few dehydrated foods like crackers and cookies, etc. These are all raw, enzyme and nutrient-rich and totally healthy foods.

I cured myself of a long list of ailments including breast cancer, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, heartburn episodes, ten years of chronic sinus infections, irritable bowel syndrome, canker sores, gum disease, insomnia, aching joints, aching muscles, chronic fatigue, bad dreams, colds and more. I never take any medications, sleep five hours a night, have a lot of energy, never hungry, physically fit, active with tennis, hiking, etc.

In all these years since I've made the switch I am completely free of all those diseases and conditions. And this is true as of the first month of my change to a raw food diet.

Why not start adding more raw foods to your diet and see how you start to feel better. You may be motivated to start eating a lot more living foods when you start to enjoy how you feel every day. Try some raw food recipes too and see how easy they are to fix.


About the Author

For raw food recipes, raw food diets, losing weight with raw foods, curing breast cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sinus, digestive and sleeping issues, acid reflux, headaches, allergies, etc. see a nurse/raw food expert's:


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