Pecan tree nuts were highly regarded by Native Americans not only because of taste but because they were nutritious, stored well, easy to carry around, and had a high protein value. Parts of the Pecan Tree were also used to make Dyes and oils. Pecan Tree wood  produces tremendous heat for keeping warm, the Pecan wood is known for it's strength and fashioned into fine furniture. Thomas Jefferson sent George Washington pecan nuts to plant. Those Pecan trees are the oldest living trees at Mount Vernon.  The wonderful flavor of the Pecan nut has made many happy family traditions of cooking with Pecan Nuts and has been well known for 500 years. Make Pecan Clusters or Pecan Pie to serve guests that stop in for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Make Praline Pecans for a great snack. Start your own Pecan Nut holiday traditions from the great Pecan recipes you'll find here at the Pecan Tree.

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Pecan Pie recipes

Classic pecan pie with variations!!!!! This is well worth your time to check out the way to change the basic recipe in order to make all the different dishes.

Pecan-Pie cheesecake, pecan pie baked inside a cheesecake. Directions and recipe.

Really easy to make chocolate pecan pie.

Pecan Pie Cake

50 different ways to use pecans in recipes. In potato soup, wild rice soup, Number 38 is a meatless loaf, meat loaf made out of ground pecans instead of beef... you can add pecans to almost any kind of dish that you serve from breakfast until late night dinner... 50 great ideas to enhance your cooking and keep healthy with pecans.

Pecan squares

Pecan cookies, cocoons, pecan puffs, pecan dreams

Chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake

Pecan Turtle Candy

Pecan Icebox Cookies, Butter Pecan, Pecan cookies.

Fudgey Pecan Brownies with Chocolate Pecan Frosting

Recipe links, conversion calculators, cooking tips, consumer info, food facts a wealth of links to great information on this site.

5 very good pecan pie recipes, no syrup pecan pie. Pecan pie with syrup, brown sugar.

149 pecan recipes from all recipes

Pecans and Pecan tree information

Picture of a pecan tree branch, showing good outline of the leaves and their parts as well as their branch placement.Pecan leaf picture.

Carya pecan, picture of pecan tree bark click to enlarge. more information characteristics, classification, plant guide Images of pecan branches and leaves.  . USDA

Search plants database by state.

Advice on home fruit production, buying trees.

The Pecan Tree is one of the most valuable North American nut producing trees. The common Pecan Tree, Carya illinoensis is a member of the hickory genus, Carya, of the wal-nut family. The natural range of the pecan tree is from southern Iowa and central Indiana southward almost to the Gulf of Mexico and southwestward to Texas and Mexico. It's range has been greatly extended by cultivation, and it is now grown on the Atlantic Coast and in California.

Mature pecan trees are usually 70 to 80 feet tall, but trees have been known to grow to 170 feet, with a trunk diameter of  eight feet at the base. The compound leaves, made up of lance-shaped leaflets growing from either side of the central stalk, are up to 20 inches long. The male flowers are drooping catkins. The female flowers appear as clusters or budlike growths at the end of twigs.


Pecans are about 10 percent protein and 7.3 per cent fat.


Pecan tree pictures

Bitternut Pecan

The Bitternut Pecan tree, Carya brownii, is a large pecan hickory. It is also called , bitternut hickory, bitternut, bitter pecan tree, bitter pignut, butternut, butternut hickory, highland hickory, pig hickory, pignut, pignut hickory, pig walnut, redheart hickory,swamp hickory, white hickory, and yellow bud hickory. Bitternut hickory trees are the shortest lived of the hickories, living to about 200 years. This deciduous species has wood that is dark brown close-grained. The hardwood is highly shock resistant which makes it excellent for tools. It also makes good fuel wood and is planted as an ornamental. It is a fast growing good shade tree.

Hardy Pecan

The Hardy Pecan tree, Carya Illinoinensis, is a beautiful, majestic tree that grows to a height of 70 to 100 feet with a spread of 40 to 75 feet. It has low wide spreading branches. The tree provides a bounty of sweet edible fruits and lots of summer shade after reaching maturity. Hardy Pecan trees have moderate water requirements and has a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils. This deciduous, hardy, shade tree is ideal for lawns because it does not shed its leaves until late fall and it is practically immune to the attack of insects. It begins to bear nuts in 12-15 years.




Pecan Gifts

Pecan forum



Pecan Pralines

What are Praline Pecans?

Pecan History

Pecan Recipes Videos How to make Chocolate Pecan pie and glazed pecans

Raw foods for health

Pecan nut nutritian

Planters has a new campaign out now for "nutrition" they have different mixes for specific wellness needs see this link for more information on the Pecan and the nutritional info per 1 oz serving, fiber, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese. There are links to the nutrition value of many kinds of nuts.

Complete pecan nut nutrition at this link.

Pecan Posters

Each nut is borne in a green husk that opens at maturity. Pecan nuts are commonly oval or cylindrical, with pointed ends. Their smooth, tan brown shells vary greatly in thickness and their meats differ greatly in quality and flavor.  Easily cracked papershell varieties of superior flavor are usually selected for cultivation.

In Praise Of Pecans: Recipes & Recollections

Book In Praise Of Pecans: Recipes & Recollections  

Pecan Recipes online

Divine Pecan Pie
Pecan Fudge
Chocolate Pecan Bars
Pecan Rolls
More Pecan Recipes

The Pecan Tree is the official state tree of Texas. The hot, dry and windy climate of Texas shows how the Pecan tree can tolerate stress. They are Survivors! They can store food in their limb, trunk and root systems to help them survive. Here is a great guide to evaluating pecan problems, choosing the right kinds of pecan trees. This guild tells you the signs to look out for so you can tell if  you are having different kinds of problems with your Pecan trees. You might not realize you have a problem if you don't know what to look for.

George Ray McEachern
Extension Horticulturist

Texas A&M University

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Pecans Health benefits.

They lower cholesterol levels, contain 19 vitiamins and essential minerals, and lower the risk of heart disease. Pecans can help to curb your appetite. See this PDF file link for Center for Agroforestry University of Missouri for more health benifits of Pecans and more great pecan recipes.


Pecan Insect problems

Black Pecan Aphid, Hickory Shuckworm, Pecan Spittlebug, Pecan Weevil, Twig Girdler

pictures and information by

Clemson Entomology



Here is a link to all the different kinds of Pecans with their history and attributes.


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Close View of Shelled Pecans in Warm ...
Brian Green
16x12 Photograph...

Masterpiece Island Pecan End Table

End table Island pecan finish with aged woven rattan peel accents Distressed finish Antiqued hand-painted palms Beautiful serpentine square shape Generous storage shelf Exciting tropical styling

Bolds Pecan  won 1st place in 1965 Kentucky State Fair.

Reasons Pecan Trees Don't Produce

Pecan Planting & Fertilization

Plant guide interesting information PDF file


Nothern Nut Growers Association
Articles & Books about Pecans

PDF file Commodity Highlight Pecans: The Native Tree Nut.....Pecans are the only native tree nuts grown for commercial use in the US.....

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Caramel Pear and Toasted Pecan Cookies (A Large Mix)

cookie mix

 Don't miss these Caramel Pear and Toasted Pecan Cookies! Caramel Pear and Toasted Pecan Cookies are soft and moist. The premium lake country pears make them a little chewy with bursts of sweet fruit flavor. The pecans lend crunch. The caramel flavor is just right. These are very good cookies. You'll make three to four dozen cookies. (Butter and eggs are not included.)

Soil Testing is an Excellent Investment

Soil testing what it is and what it does.

After you get your soil tested you might find the Kentucky U's calculators helpful for when you need to add something to your soil.

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Unshelled Pecans
Akiko Ida
18x24 Phot...
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A Large Pile of Fresh Brown Pecans
24x18 Photograph...

Pecan Caramel Puddles - 3 - 10oz Tins

Pecan Caramel Puddles - The foundation of the fantastic-tasting candy is a bed of fresh, Mammoth pecan pieces. Next we cover the pecans with a generous dollop of fresh, creamy caramel...then, top off this delicious candy creation with a thick coating of rich milk chocolate.

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Labrot and Graham Distill...
Michele Molinari
18x24 Phot...



Pecan Gifts

Pecan forum



Pecan Pralines

What are Praline Pecans?

Pecan History

Pecan Recipes Videos How to make Chocolate Pecan pie and glazed pecans

Raw foods for health



other tree sites

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Bible parable of the Trees

Mammoth Pecans

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